Time to share good stuff!!

I’m John Smith, a Software Engineer working in the industry for over 25 years and tired of keeping knowledge only to myself. You might be wondering what a common name! Yep, you are right; that is not my real name, though, but let’s keep things this way so you can easily refer to me as John. My identity will be preserved in the beginning just because what matters the most here is what I have to contribute with, not who I am!

What does this sharing inspiration come from?

I have actually been sharing my experience with my family, friends and colleagues at work for a long time. Being a patient and a focused person makes me realize, over the years, that I can teach almost anything that I know to anyone really interested in learning.

Why sharing Software Technology experience and not any other stuff?

Well, because there are two things I love the most, my family, which is my most important asset and Software Technology. Since I don’t want you to jump into my personal experiences due to privacy reasons, of course, Software Technology is what we have left. Believe me, and you are going to like it, I promise!

A quick summary of my professional experience

I have been working in the Software Industry since 1994, accumulating experience in the majority of the Software Engineering disciplines. In the first five years of my career, I worked as a Software Programmer, Business Analyst and System Analyst. The main result of this 5-year work was the development of the Windows version of ERP software for law firms that is currently the leader in my origin’s country. By that time, I was invited to be a business partner in the company I was working for. In the seven following years, I experienced growth in my career working as a Development Engineer, Software Integrator, Project Manager, and Software Product Manager, thereby improving my management skills of people and risks for medium and high complexity projects. In the five following years, as Software Development Director, I had the opportunity to work as an employee in the largest software company in my country, which made me increase and consolidate my experience in this area. In February 2011, I joined four friends, and we founded a company specialized in software service for law firms with experienced and highly qualified professionals. In January 2013, our recently established company joined other business partners, and we founded a more prominent company. Besides the software service offered in our portfolio, we developed software to complement the current software solution we have successfully delivered.

That is all for now, and I hope you enjoy this journey! Click here to see my next interesting post.