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We believe sharing valuable information, knowledge and experience is the key to success! Not only for individuals, whether aiming for a better position at their current jobs or even a brand new one, but also for whole communities, businesses and society to find their way to achieve their goals. If you sympathize with our mission, contact us now.


Initially, we decided to bring to life this very genuine initiative of sharing matters about Software Technology to everyone via blog posts. By telling our real experiences in a very laid-back and easy-to-follow way, we will navigate through but not limited to the following themes:

  1. Software Architectural Patterns (Layered, Microkernel, Microservices, etc.);
  2. Database (Oracle, SQL Server, Redis, MongoDB, etc.);
  3. Software Quality Assurance (Unit and e2e tests, etc.);
  4. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, etc.);
  5. Docker / Docker Swarm / Kubernetes;
  6. Powershell and Shell scripting.
  7. Software Development Languages (JavaScript, C#, Oracle PL/SQL, MSSQL Transact-SQL, etc);
  8. Web Development (CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, ReactJS, Express, etc).

We are also keen on sharing our experiences as entrepreneurs regarding supporting decisions related to Software Technology to either start your business or keep your existing one up and running.

There are many avoidable bottlenecks or risks we can mitigate to get you right on track to succeed in your business.

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