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It is challenging to start a business from scratch and keep it running. Here are some official statistics with sad and, at the same time, discouraging results for those who intend to open a small business soon.

Numbers from U. S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy recent report shows us that “an average of 78,6% of new establishments survived one year”, “About half of all establishments survive five years or longer” and “About one-third of establishments survive 10 years or longer”.

U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy

More numbers, now extracted from the Government of Canada’ site say “98% percent of entrants survived the first year, 63 percent for 5 years and 43 percent for 10 years”.

Government of Canada

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, It became even worse because it harmed the economy worldwide to a certain degree. I’ve been witnessing lots of small businesses struggling to survive in a very competitive market, not only here in Canada and the USA but also throughout the world. Even though Canada’s numbers are more optimistic than the USA’s, it is still tough to be successful after five years since the company started even before COVID-19, let alone now.

A couple of months ago, I came up with the idea that resulted in Sharing is the key initiative. Why not donate some of our time to share knowledge, business management and software technology expertise to make things better?

I’ve been an entrepreneur almost my whole professional life. Nowadays, my partners and I run a software company that develops and delivers software for a specific niche for over 25 years.

My educational background in Software Technology and my professional experience running this software company under so many different roles for all of those years allowed me to develop this project to turn software technology accessible to many people and small businesses.

I believe this initiative, of sharing know-how and leveraging small businesses, will help many people and warm up the economy, generating more employment and consuming.

That’s what we did, two local businesses came to me during COVID-19, and we developed static websites and helped them every step of the way to publishing.

One is a local eyelash service and training company called NIXLASH. For this project, we used the following technologies: GatsbyJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, MDX files, to name a few, and we integrated it with Instagram and Setmore booking system.

  • Sharing Software Technology
  • Sharing Software Technology
  • Sharing Software Technology
  • Sharing Software Technology
  • Sharing Software Technology
  • Sharing Software Technology

The other one is a portfolio project website for an experienced local painter, Danny’s Painting. Here are some of the technologies used to build: ReactJS, plain Javascript, HTML5, CSS2 and RequireJS.

As a Proof Of Concept, both pro bono projects taught me that it’s feasible to bring some improvement to small businesses with little effort and at no cost. Those projects were developed using docker containers for all dependencies.

There is a couple of ongoing projects right now, and I will publish them as soon as they are finished.

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